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After you create a project, you need to build it before you can run it on a device or simulator. The launch mode determines how the binary file is packaged (with or without debugging capability) and what type of launch target it runs on (device or simulator). For example, executables that are built using a debug launch configuration contain additional debug information. This information lets the debugger make direct associations between the source code and the binaries that are generated from that original source code.

When you build your project using a launch configuration, the Momentics IDE compiles and links your project.

  1. On the toolbar, in the Launch mode drop-down list, select the launch mode that you want to build (for example, Run or Debug).
  2. In the Launch configuration drop-down list, select the launch configuration for the project.
  3. In the Launch target drop-down list, select the device or simulator that you want to build on.
  4. To build the binaries, click Build button.

To build a project in the Project Explorer view, right-click the project and do one of the following:

  • To build the current configuration, click Build Project.
  • To build a different configuration, click Build Configurations > Set Active and then select the configuration.

When you build your project, the Momentics IDE creates binaries that are configured to run on the launch target that you specified. The binaries appear in the Binaries folder in the Project Explorer view, and are located in the CPU folder under o (for object) and o-g (-g for the debug option passed to the compiler). Each build configuration can also contain a unique set of assets (as specified on the Assets tab of the bar-descriptor.xml file).

You can watch a build's progress and see the output in the Console view. If a build generates any errors or warnings, you can see them in the Problems view. To see information about an error in the editor, move the cursor over the error.

You can also build a project manually. For more information, see Build options.

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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