BlackBerry 10 OS for MS-DOS users

If you're familiar with Microsoft Windows, you might need to know about the BlackBerry 10 OS equivalents for the basic DOS commands and variables.

DOS commands and their BlackBerry 10 OS equivalents

The table below lists the BlackBerry 10 OS equivalents of some common MS-DOS commands. For more information about the BlackBerry 10 OS commands, see Utilities.

DOS command BlackBerry 10 OS command(s)
attrib ls -l , chmod , and ls -a
Batch files Shell scripts; see Writing shell scripts in this guide, or the docs for ksh .
cacls ls -l
call script ksh script

If the script begins with #!/bin/sh, you can invoke it like a regular program, for example, script (without prefixing it with sh or ksh).

chdir cd (builtin ksh command)
cmd ksh
command ksh
copy cp
date date and rtc

Note that you must use rtc to set the hardware clock to the new date and time.

del rm
dir ls
erase rm
diskpart fdisk [command]
find grep -i
findstr grep
getmac See ifconfig
help use
logman tracelogger
md mkdir
mode stty
move mv
msiexec tar , unzip
path echo $PATH , export PATH= new path (see Utilities or the documentation for ksh).
query pidin
rem #
rename mv
replace cp -x
sort sort
taskkill slay
tasklist pidin
time date and rtc
tracerpt traceprinter
tracert traceroute
type cat
ver uname -a
xcopy cp

MS-DOS local command-interpreter variables

This table lists some built-in MS-DOS local command-interpreter variables and their equivalent BlackBerry 10 OS environment variables or commands.

DOS Local BlackBerry 10 OS equivalent
%DATE% Run the date utility:


%ERRORLEVEL% $? (see Parameters in the documentation for ksh)
%HOMEDRIVE% BlackBerry 10 OS doesn't use drive letters; see %HOMEPATH%
%OS% Run the uname utility:


%PATHEXT% BlackBerry 10 OS treats file extensions as part of the filename. Executable status is a file permission. See chmod .
%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% Run the uname utility:

$(uname -p)

%PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER% Run the uname utility:

$(uname -n)

%PROMPT% PS1, PS2 (see Parameters in the documentation for ksh, and .kshrc in the Examples appendix)
%SYSTEMDRIVE% BlackBerry 10 OS doesn't use drive letters; the system root is always /.
%SYSTEMROOT% The system root is always /.
%TIME% Run the date utility:



Last modified: 2014-11-17

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