Sign your app from the Momentics IDE

You must sign your application before you publish it in the IDE.

Before you begin:

  1. In the IDE, click File > Export.
  2. Expand BlackBerry, select Release Build, and then click Next.
  3. On the Release Build page, select the project you want to export, and specify an export location for your application. If you do not specify a location, the application is exported to the project directory. Click Next.
  4. On the Digital Signature tab on the Packaging Settings page, select Enable digital signature and click Finish.
Your BAR file (.bar file) contains your signed application. You can publish the BAR file to BlackBerry World storefront for distribution. For more information about distributing your applications through BlackBerry World, see the Vendor Portal Administration Guide on the BlackBerry website.

Last modified: 2013-12-21

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