Command line tools

Command line tools are available as part of the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK.

The command-line tools are located in the $QNX_HOST host operating system/user/bin. For example, in a Windows development environment, the folder would be bbndk\host_<NN_N_N_NNNN>\win32\x86\usr\bin where <NN_N_N_NNNN> represents the version of the release.

If you have multiple installations of the Native SDK, run bbndk-env.bat (Windows) or (Mac OS and Linux) from the installation folder of the Native SDK that you want to use.

Here are the available command line tools:
Packages Abobe AIR applications and any relevant native extensions into a package for deploying to BlackBerry 10 devices.
Connects to devices using SSH for the purpose of testing and debugging apps.
Creates debug tokens on your computer.
Deploys applications (BAR files) to a device.
Generates a code-signing certificate.
Packages your compiled binaries for your app as a BAR file.
Digitally signs your app, which is necessary before you publish and distribute your app.
Creates a web icon for the device.

Last modified: 2014-05-14

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