Back up and restore your code signing keys

If you have not linked your BlackBerry ID account to create a BlackBerry ID token (as described in Link a BlackBerry ID account to a signing authority account), you should back up your code signing keys to protect your signing credentials and developer certificate.

Code signing keys have been deprecated unless you are developing for BlackBerry 7 OS or earlier. The new process uses a BlackBerry ID token, which you can learn about in Signing apps.

Because you can register your CSJ registration files with the BlackBerry Signing Authority only once, if you do not back up your code signing keys and you forget your password or lose your signing information, you must register with the BlackBerry Signing Authority again to receive new signing keys. If you sign your application with new code signing keys and deploy it to a BlackBerry 10 device, your application appears as a new application, not an upgrade, and cannot access shared data from the previous version.

Using your backup files, you can:
  • restore the code signing keys to the original computer
  • install the code signing keys on another computer
  • share the code signing keys within an organization or between developers

It is important that you protect your backup files and developer certificate. If someone obtains your backup files, they can use your code signing credentials to sign an application.

Last modified: 2013-12-21

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