Overview of the IDE

The IDE is based on the Eclipse Platform developed by the Eclipse Foundation, an open consortium of tools vendors.

The IDE incorporates into the Eclipse framework several QNX-specific plugins designed for building projects for target systems running the BlackBerry 10 OS. The tool suite provides a single, consistent, integrated environment, regardless of the host platform you're using (Windows, Mac, or Linux). Plugins from most vendors work within the Eclipse framework in the same way.

Build applications using the IDE

Through a set of related windows, the IDE presents various ways of viewing and working with all the components that comprise your system. In terms of the tasks you can perform, the toolset lets you:

  • organize your resources (projects, folders, files)
  • edit resources
  • collaborate on projects with a team
  • compile, run, and debug your programs
  • analyze and fine-tune your system's performance

The IDE doesn't require that you abandon the standard BlackBerry 10 OS tools and Makefile structure. On the contrary, it relies on those tools. If you continue to build programs at the command line, you can also benefit from the IDE tools, such as the QNX System Analysis tool, which can literally show you, in dynamic graphical ways, exactly what your system is doing.

Last modified: 2013-12-21

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