Generating revenue

As you build your app, you need to decide whether you want to monetize your app and what pricing strategy you want to use.

You have various pricing strategies you can choose from, including:

  • Free: Your app is free in BlackBerry World storefront.
  • Free with ads: Your app is free in BlackBerry World but includes ads to generate revenue.
  • Premium: Your app must be purchased in BlackBerry World.
  • Premium+: Your app must be purchased in BlackBerry World and offers upgrades to add new functionality.
  • Freemium: Your app is free in BlackBerry World but the user can purchase digital goods to access new functionality.

Choosing a pricing strategy

One decision you'll need to make as you choose a pricing strategy is how, and why, you'll be implementing the strategy in your app. Take a look at the functions and features in your app, and choose a pricing strategy that complements these features.

The key is to choose a pricing strategy that offers your users the maximum benefit for a fair price. If you can strike the right balance between function and price, it will help to keep your users engaged and open to purchasing additional content and features.

Advertising Service

The Advertising Service allows you to place banner ads in your app that users can click on. By using the Advertising Service to place ads in your app, you can generate additional revenue in your app.

If you want to include ads in your app using the Advertising Service, there are a few things you need to consider as you build your app.

Free versus Premium

If you are planning to create a Premium app, including ads may not be popular with your users. Most users expect that by paying for the app, the app should display very few ads, if any.


The ads in your app should be placed in a prominent, non-cluttered area on the screen. If your UI doesn't allow an ad to be placed without interfering with other visual elements on the screen, consider creating additional space for the ad or creating an additional screen to hold the advertisements.


Display ads only at a suitable time and for a reasonable duration. Place your ads after a user completes a task, and refresh the ads every two or three minutes.

Payment Service

The Payment Service lets you sell digital goods in your app, including subscriptions, additional content, and more.

Unlike the Advertising Service, when you use the Payment Service, you are selling a digital good that directly adds value to the experience of your app. Whether you are selling a power-up in a game, additional content, or increased functionality, you need to plan for the change in app behavior or appearance when a user makes a purchase.

You can also use the Payment Service to affect the behavior of your app by disabling ads for a premium. If you distribute your app as "Free with ads", you can give your users the option to disable ads by purchasing a digital good. This allows your users to try your app for free, and upgrade after using the app.

What's next?

Learn about building an accessible, high-performing app in the next section, Being a good citizen.

Last modified: 2013-12-21

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