New to Cascades development?

If you want to learn how to get started with Cascades development, read more.

Getting started

A must for all first timers.

Before you do anything, read the Getting Started section - it contains a useful Introduction to Cascades, instructions for how to Set up your environment, and a handy tutorial that shows you how to Create your first app.

Learning Cascades

Information that all developers need.

Learning Cascades introduces you to all the most important concepts for developing with Cascades. Depending on your learning style, you can choose to use the web-based training or you can follow a path through the documentation site.

Building an app from start to finish

Putting all the pieces together.

After you install the tools and get yourself familiar with the fundamentals, it's time to get to work. Building an app from start to finish introduces you to the different pieces that you can use to build your masterpiece.

UI Guidelines

View the UI design guidelines to learn how to create a beautiful app for BlackBerry 10.

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Learning Cascades

An introduction to some of the most important concepts about developing with Cascades.

Learn Cascades

Build, test, deploy

Check out how to use the Momentics IDE for BlackBerry, including how to test, debug, and profile your app.

Build your apps

New & Updated

New: Learning Cascades - 12/23/13

A walkthrough of many important concepts in Cascades.

Read more

Depending on your learning style, you can choose to use the web-based training or you can follow a path through the documentation site.

New: QML fundamentals - 12/23/13

An introduction to some of the fundamental features of QML.

Read more

Learn about QML syntax and other fundamentals, like object names and IDs, properties, signal handlers, and custom components.

New: Qt fundamentals - 12/23/13

A introduction to some of the fundamental features of Qt.

Read more

Learn about features like QObject, object ownership, signals and slots, multithreading, and much more.

New: Explore the Freemium sample app - 12/23/13

A walkthrough of a sample app that shows how to use the freemium payment model.

Read more

The freemium sample app shows how you can create a store in your app to sell items and subscriptions. Users download the app for free and you decide what costs are charged for additional content or features.

Updated: App integration - 12/23/13

New invocation attributes and code samples.

Read more

The App integration docs have been updated with new invocation attributes for Foursquare and code samples for invoking the Picture Editor.

Updated: Headless apps - 12/23/13

Now including sample code for several different triggers.

Read more

These Triggers include port-directed SMS, location, device restarts, and when an app is updated. You can also learn how to enable instant previews for your headless app.


Updated: Getting started - 12/23/13

A simplified getting started experience to get you up and running quicker.

Read more

The simplified getting started docs make it much easier to get an app up and running quickly. But, if you're looking for additional info, check out Build, test, and deploy your app.

Updated: Payment Service - 12/23/13

Added information for how to use the Payment Service in QML.

Read more

The Payment Service docs have been reworked to show how to use the Payment Service APIs in QML as well as C++.

Updated: Cascades fundamentals - 12/23/13

A breakdown of the different components that make up Cascades.

Read more

To make the Cascades fundamentals more focused, information about Application states and Qt fundamentals have been moved into their own topics.

New: Updating QML live - 11/29/13

Test changes to your UI without redeploying your app.

Read more

You can use the DevelopmentSupport class to quickly test changes to your UI. This class sends QML updates from the Momentics IDE for BlackBerry to your BlackBerry 10 device without redeploying your app.

You can save QML updates in the IDE and instantly view the results on your device.

Updated: Permissions - 11/5/13

Learn how to handle ungranted permissions in your app.

Read more

If your app requires a user permission to run, you'll need to know how to handle cases where the user doesn't accept the permission. In Handling ungranted permissions you can learn a few different strategies for how to handle denied permissions.

Last modified: 2014-01-16

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