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New on the Dev Blog - October 2013

Published: November 11th, 2013

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Don't forget about the Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog! You can read all the latest news about creating apps for BlackBerry 10. This week, we continue our series of articles highlighting recent blog posts that apply to Cascades and core development using the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK.

Porting BlackBerry Java NFC Applications to BlackBerry 10 Part 6: Card Emulation with a SIM-based Secure Element

Part 6 of this NFC porting series focuses on porting code that implements card emulation using a secure element. Learn the key concepts of NFC card emulation and how to port your Java code effectively to BlackBerry 10.

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BlackBerry 10.2 Identity Service Library for BlackBerry ID and Secure, Encrypted Off-Device Data Storage

In the 10.2 API level, we included the Identity Service Library (IDS) for both Cascades and core development approaches. Find out how to use this unique library to enhance the security of your apps with built-in user authentication, single sign-in to multiple BlackBerry products, and access to off-device secure data.

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From idea to app in < 2 weeks: Creating an app for Herrle's Country Farm Market

If you've got an idea for an app, we've made it easier than ever to bring your idea to life and create a great BlackBerry 10 app. Get inspired with this success story of building an app using Cascades in less than two weeks.

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Cloudy Pics Part 2: Managing the Camera Roll

Part 2 of this blog series explains how to use the camera roll on BlackBerry 10 devices to let users save and manage the pictures that they take. Explore effective techniques for accessing and interacting with the camera roll using the Camera API.

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Porting BlackBerry Java NFC Applications to BlackBerry 10 Part 5: Virtual Tag and Card Emulation

Part 5 of this NFC porting series teaches you how to port code that implements virtual target emulation. Learn how to emulate an NDEF tag using NFC APIs and the BlackBerry Platform Services (BPS) library.

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BlackBerry 10 Code Signing Guide for Contractors with Multiple Clients

Signing your BlackBerry 10 app, using either a code signing key or a BlackBerry ID token, is an important part of your app development cycle. Be ready to create and manage multiple keys and tokens by reading this informative post.

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Winning With Your Game App

The Built for BlackBerry program can give your app the extra visibility it needs to become successful on the BlackBerry World storefront. Check out how to qualify for the Built for BlackBerry designation and increase your app's visibility by incorporating gamepad support.

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Built for BlackBerry Boilerplates: The Essential Starting Point for Web, and Native Development

To add to our existing collection of sample apps, we've created "boilerplate" apps that give you a great starting point for creating a BlackBerry 10 app. Download these new sample apps from this blog post to get a head start on developing a Built for BlackBerry app.

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Cloudy Pics Part 1: The Introduction

Part 1 of this blog series introduces the Cloudy Pics sample app, which uses the Camera API in Cascades. Grab this showcase app and start learning about camera features in BlackBerry 10.

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Add More Typographic Visual Style to Your App with the 10.2 Release

The BlackBerry 10 Native SDK now includes additional font families and styles that you can use in your Cascades apps. Explore the new fonts and learn how to integrate them into your apps.

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