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Money, money, money!

Published: December 16th, 2013

Design your app to maximize your earnings

Making money from your app (or monetizing your app) involves some research and planning. The BlackBerry World storefront can expose your app to over 80 million potential customers in 170 markets. But monetization isn't just about selling your app in BlackBerry World. There are lots of techniques that you can use to maximize your earnings.

Monetization involves engaging your BlackBerry 10 users and encouraging them to use your app and make purchases within your app. You can use advertising, payment, and social features to allow users to discover, purchase, and talk about your app. How? Well, we've put together a set of blog posts and resources that point you in the right direction.

How Much Money Can a Developer Make on the BlackBerry 10 Platform?

This blog post illustrates why it is important to develop and port your apps for BlackBerry, and publish them first to BlackBerry World. The Built for BlackBerry program is the way to go when you are developing your app exclusively for BlackBerry.

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Top Tips for Making More Money From Your Apps on BlackBerry App World

Now that you know why you should monetize your apps, you need to find out how. The VP of BlackBerry World shares his top tips for making more money on your apps. You'll find lots of tips for marketing your app, optimizing your payment type, establishing your price, analyzing your performance using Analytics, and using social media to promote your app. The key is to get your app to the right users quickly and keep their interest while you are promoting digital goods that improve their experience.

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Convert Your Free/Paid Apps to Freemium Apps - The Best of Both Worlds

To gain flexibility, you can convert your paid app to a freemium app. A paid app only generates revenue if your app is purchased in BlackBerry World. Users might be reluctant to buy your app if they've never seen it before. A free app might get downloaded quickly but it won't generate revenue when it is downloaded.

So how do you get your app downloaded quickly and still make money? The answer is to make it a freemium app. Using this model, you can provide a version of your app for free, allowing anyone to test your application without paying anything, and then offer premium items for purchase in your app.

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BlackBerry Payment Services: Return of the Sandbox

To monetize your apps, you'll need to learn how to test your in-app purchases. If you want to test your app with a real purchase instead of a simulated purchase, but you don't want to incur any charges yourself, you can take advantage of the sandbox.

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Introducing the Flurry Analytics SDK for BlackBerry 10

In this blog post, you'll learn about Flurry Analytics for BlackBerry 10. You'll learn how to create your account, download the SDK, integrate analytics into your app, and log events.

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Taking Your Apps and Games Social with BBM and Scoreloop SDKs

Monetizing your app is all about connections. Connecting users is an effective way to increase app revenue because it encourages users to share app information on social networks, which can increase your user base and income potential.

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Monetize Your Unity Games with BlackBerry In-App Payment Plugin

If you're a Unity game developer, check out this blog post that demonstrates how to use the free BlackBerry In-App payment plugin with your core app. You'll get set up, add your digital goods, and test your in-app purchases with a few basic steps.

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