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Momentics IDE 2.0 is here!

Published: October 28th, 2013

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Check out our first update for the 10.2 Gold release

We've just released a new version of our BlackBerry 10 development environment: Momentics IDE 2.0 for BlackBerry. This version includes some usability improvements that we hope will enhance your experience. Read on to explore the highlights of this release.

The Momentics IDE for BlackBerry provides all the tools and libraries that you need for developing an app using the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK.

The Momentics IDE and the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK are now available as separate releases, so their version numbers are distinct. We've also changed the name and the logo of the IDE.

Image showing the Momentics IDE logo.

You're wondering why, right? Well, installing the IDE is now faster and easier than ever. By separating the IDE from the SDK, you can take advantage of new usability improvements but keep developing using the SDK that includes the features and device support that your app needs.

When you start the Momentics IDE, you can download and install the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK from within the IDE. You can also check for updates from within the IDE.

What's new?

We've been busy updating the tools and adding some new features. Here are some of the highlights!

Headless apps

You can create a headless app quickly and easily using the new Cascades template for headless apps. The IDE now has support for debugging headless apps. You can create multiple entry points and service points in your bar-descriptor.xml file to debug the invocation of your headless app. It's all here, in the documentation.

Cascades: Accessibility validation

There are lots of great new tools for building accessibility into your app. We've introduced accessibility validation in the QML Editor. By default, you can see warning markers for code that is missing accessibility properties. Just click a component to add an appropriate property to make your code accessible. Check out the new QML Accessibility Problems view to see an accessibility report for all of your projects in one place.

Screen showing the Accessibility Problems view in the Momentics IDE.
Cascades: Development support

You can test changes to your UI in a blink by using the DevelopmentSupport class. This class emits a signal that allows QML updates from the Momentics IDE to be sent to your BlackBerry device. These QML updates are sent to your running app where you can instantly view the results. This streamlined update feature makes developing a QML-based UI faster.

Cascades: Profile QML

Profiling a Cascades project couldn't be easier. Make sure that your project is active, and then in the action drop-down list, select Profile QML.

Screen showing Profile QML in the Momentics IDE toolbar.
Deploying large .bar files

We've made some improvements to speed up the initial deployment of large .bar files. The time it takes from editing code to testing your app (on a device or simulator) is much shorter.

Head over to the release notes to find out how to upgrade to this version of the IDE.