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Published: November 25th, 2013

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Read older blog posts that can still help you today

The Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog provides a wealth of tips, ideas, and code samples that can help you develop your app. The number of blog posts has grown tremendously over the years, so we'll highlight some of the useful and inspiring ones that are still relevant to BlackBerry 10 development today.

Attention iOS Developers: Now is the time to bring your iOS apps to BlackBerry 10

There are many reasons to bring your iOS apps to BlackBerry 10 but there are also some things to consider before you start. This blog post highlights all the features and tools provided by the BlackBerry 10 platform and gives you five tips on how to successfully port your app.

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Porting your Android Native Game to BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 offers a powerful platform to develop rich and immersive games. Walk through one developer's experience working with both the Android NDK and the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK to bring a game to life.

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Let's talk about Push

The Push Service allows a server to send data to BlackBerry 10 devices as soon as it becomes available. This feature is part of the BlackBerry experience and is the foundation for email and BBM message delivery. This blog post explains what the Push Service is all about and how you can start integrating it into your app.

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Command Line Rocks! Building BlackBerry 10 Apps Without An IDE

The Momentics IDE for BlackBerry is feature-rich and extremely powerful. But sometimes, you may want direct access to what's going on under the hood. The BlackBerry 10 Native SDK provides full support for developing apps through the command line. This ongoing series of blog posts will show you how.

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Bluetooth Low Energy and the Internet of Things

"Imagine being able to use your BlackBerry 10 smartphone to tailor your environment to your preferences as you move around." Bluetooth Low Energy gives your app the capability to interact with smart devices in home, car, or business environments. This blog post explains this feature in detail and links to sample code that you can include in your app.

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BlackBerry 10 and cloudbase.io

Cloud storage allows your users to maintain data across devices and BlackBerry 10 supports the popular Cloudbase.io API. This API provides a fast and efficient method of storage that lets your app focus on other things. This blog post explains what Cloudbase.io is and provides links to more documentation and samples to learn from.

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BlackBerry 10 QML Performance Tips

Is your Cascades app feeling a little sluggish? This blog post explains several ways in which you can enhance the performance of your QML code and reduce your development times.