• Who is eligible for this program?
    BlackBerry® Elite is an invite-only, exclusive program for the most passionate members of Team BlackBerry. We searched far and wide for people who love all things BlackBerry.
  • What can I expect from the BlackBerry Elite program?
    We want to show you that you're a valued member of the Developer Community! You can expect news from BlackBerry about products and services, the opportunity to test drive new products and services and provide BlackBerry® with valuable feedback, receive new development tools earlier and the option to join us at regional events
  • What do I have to do to remain a part of the BlackBerry Elite program?
    Keep spreading the BlackBerry love by continuing to contribute on your social channels and developer forums! Again, the program is our way of thanking our most loyal BlackBerry developers for all their support
  • Why is BlackBerry doing this?
    Call us biased, but we think BlackBerry® developers are the best. For those who have gone above and beyond in demonstrating their support for all things BlackBerry, we want to show our appreciation by sending BlackBerry Elite members to the hottest events, giving them exclusive news and letting them try out our latest products.
  • I heard that not all Developers were invited to participate in the BlackBerry Elite program? Why is this?
    Invitations were sent out based on a number of things - including location, personal interests and developer technology platforms. We selected the BlackBerry® Elite members who would get the most out of this program; because it is a program launch, we wanted to ensure that the current members are well known in the developer community. Don't fret! You too will have an opportunity to become a BlackBerry Elite member by either nominating yourself or by receiving a nomination from the community.
  • My friend wants to become a BlackBerry Elite member! Can they sign up?
    BlackBerry Elite is an invite-only and we are not accepting sign-ups on a regular basis. That being said, they can submit a nomination form to be included in the yearly review and selection process.
  • How long does the program last?
    Current members are part of the program for one (1) year after they agree to the Terms and Conditions of the program. There is no guarantee that current members will be included the following year; they too will need to submit a nomination form or be nominated in order to be considered for the following year. If for any reason you want to leave the program prior to the end of the one (1) year date all you have to do is let us know.