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WebWorks roadmap

W12 = 2.1 Gold

W10 = 2.0 Beta
W11 = 2.0 Gold

W8 = 10.1
W9 = 10.1 Refresh

  • Upcoming Release
  • Release Feature Date Status
  • W12 Enhanced Tooling May on time

    Minor enhancements to the GUI tool including ability to target multiple devices for deployment, and specifying params.json for builds (see parameters for debug builds).
  • W12 Headless Apps May on time

    Project templates and sample apps showing top use cases for integration between a WebWorks app and a native headless service.
  • W12 Work perim. debug May on time

    Ability to deploy a work application into the work perimeter and debug with web inspector on a USB-connected device. This will require special IT policy settings on the BES 10 server.
  • W12 APIs May on time

    Promotion of the keep awake, barcode scanning, and screenshot community APIs to fully supported APIs packaged with the SDK.
  • Already released
  • Release Feature Date Status
  • W11 Enhanced Tooling Mar landed

    Incorporate feedback from the beta, as well as some additional functionality in the GUI tool (eg. Linux support, API plugin management, more config.xml value management, management of signing certificates).
  • Release Feature Date Status
  • W10 Cordova Alignment Nov landed

    We will leverage the Apache Cordova open source project as the foundation of the BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK. The wide array of tools and frameworks being built around Apache Cordova will bring the promise of cross-platform development closer to reality for BlackBerry web developers.
  • W10 Enhanced Tooling Nov landed

    In an effort to simplify the development process and ease the transition to an Apache Cordova based BlackBerry WebWorks SDK, we are delivering a browser-based GUI tool that will allow for project management, build/sign/deploy to simulator and device, and basic config.xml information management. We will be looking to build out more functionality for this tool in coming releases.
    The command line tools have also been enhanced, as they are now based on the Cordova CLI, but with some BlackBerry-specific enhancements, such as auto-detection of USB connected devices, and automatic creation/deployment of debug tokens.
  • Release Feature Date Status
  • W9 Payment Feb landed

    Get paid for your efforts, if you are into that sort of thing. Support subscriptions and in app purchases.
  • W9 BBM Enhancements Feb landed

    Ability to update the profile box for your application, and find other contacts that have your application installed.
  • Release Feature Date Status
  • W8 Keyboard Support feb landed

    SDK updates to support the new 720x720 screen resolution and physical keyboard integration.
  • W8 Ripple Updates Feb landed

    Bug fixes, support for the Q10, and replace Dev Alpha (name and skin) with Z10.