Where did the Ripple emulator go?

The documentation for previous releases of BlackBerry WebWorks placed a lot of emphasis on the Ripple emulator. If you used the Ripple emulator before, you'll probably notice that it is no longer discussed within the BlackBerry WebWorks documentation. The reason for this is that BlackBerry has recently donated Ripple to the Apache open source comunity. As a result, BlackBerry is no longer in control of Ripple development or release cycles.

Work is still progressing on Ripple within the Apache community. At the moment, however, Ripple is not compatible with Apache Cordova 3.x, upon which BlackBerry WebWorks is based, so it cannot currently be used to test your BlackBerry WebWorks app. For future updates on Ripple, see http://ripple.incubator.apache.org/#download.

Last modified: 2014-10-09

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