bbUI toolkit

The bbUI toolkit is an open source JavaScript toolkit that allows you to give your BlackBerry WebWorks applications the look and feel of a native BlackBerry application.

The bbUI toolkit was created to provide a design language for HTML5 applications using the BlackBerry WebWorks  framework. It provides common UI constructs that are found on the BlackBerry platform so that you can create an application that follows BlackBerry specific UI guidelines and looks at home on a BlackBerry device with very little effort.

The bbUI toolkit supports all BlackBerry platforms from BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 through to BlackBerry 7, as well as BlackBerry PlayBook OS and BlackBerry 10. In each case, the toolkit uses CSS that achieves a similar user experience to the native applications on the platform, and tailors it to suit the capabilities of the device.

Getting the toolkit

The bbUI.js toolkit is available through GitHub as a downloadable .zip or tar.gz file. The toolkit contains the necessary JavaScript and CSS files which you include in your WebWorks project, as well as some samples with their resources.

Download the bbUI.js toolkit.

Further reading

To learn more about the specific implementation details and functionality of the bbUI toolkit, refer to the bbUI toolkit project in GitHub. This project site contains overview information, samples, and an extensive wiki that provides in-depth documentation on how the toolkit is used.

Last modified: 2014-10-09

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