Opening the Settings card

Here are the invocation attributes you use for the Settings card:

Attribute Value
Target ID



MIME type


Here's a list of URIs you can use to invoke different Settings cards:

Setting URIs
About settings://about
Network Connections settings://networkconnections
Mobile Network settings://radio
Wi-Fi settings://wifi
Bluetooth settings://bluetooth
NFC settings://nfc
Mobile Hotspot settings://mhs
Tethering settings://tethering
VPN settings://vpn
Notification settings://notification
Sound settings://sound
  • settings://pim
  • settings://pim/defaultAccounts
  • settings://pim/createAccount
  • settings://pim/listAccounts
  • settings://pim/createAccountType?type=<type> where type can be facebook, twitter, linkedin, evernote or mail_contacts_calendar
  • settings://pim/showAccount?id=<id>
  • settings://pim/deleteAccount?id=<id>
  • settings://pim/EnrollmentProgress
Display settings://display
Language and Input settings://language
Voice Control settings://voice
BlackBerry Balance settings://balance
BlackBerry ID settings://bbid
BlackBerry Protect settings://protect
Security settings://security
SIM Card settings://sim
SmartCard settings://smartcard
Child Protection settings://childprotection
Diagnostics settings://diagnostics
Certificates settings://certificates
Development Mode settings://devmode
Application Permissions settings://permissions
Wipe settings://wipe
Password settings://password
Sharing settings://sharing
Date and Time settings://datetime
Location settings://location
Software Updates settings://softwareupdate
Search settings://search
Storage and Access settings://storage
Video Chat settings://videochat
Payment Options settings://payment
Accessibility settings://accessibility

Last modified: 2014-03-10

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