Ripple emulator

Release: Ripple emulator 0.9.16

For a detailed list of feature changes, see the Ripple change log in GitHub.

New in this release

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the B&D service from starting.

Fixed issues


When emulating an app created using jQuery Mobile, Ripple now correctly sizes the UI components of that application.

Known issues


The device-aspect-ratio property does not evaluate properly on BlackBerry Q10 devices.


AJAX calls are not sent after the YouTube player is called.


When you call two or more unrecognized methods, Ripple does not properly handly the error, preventing any recovery.


Ripple experiences shifting of some UI components when the GeoLocation panel is opened.


When you user the standardAskAsync dialog, Ripple might incorrectly render multiple OK buttons.


Ripple incorrectly identifies the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.


Ripple erroneously allows applications to create files and directories in the root folder.


Ripple reports a successful build, even when the build output shows otherwise.

Last modified: 2014-10-09

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