Distributing your app

The main way to distribute your BlackBerry WebWorks app to BlackBerry devices is via the BlackBerry World storefront. However, there are other ways to distribute apps, depending on the OS that the app is targeting.

BlackBerry World storefront

This method installs your app using BlackBerry World on a smartphone, BlackBerry PlayBook, or BlackBerry 10 device. To be approved for distribution through BlackBerry World, apps must be signed to verify the authorship of your app to users and to the OS.

You use the .bar file that is produced by the BlackBerry WebWorks Packager.

For more information about the BlackBerry World storefront, see the following resources:

For more information about signing apps, see Signing your app.

Distributing unsigned apps for testing

If you are still in the development phase and want to get feedback from test users, you can distribute unsigned versions of your apps with a debug token. A debug token must be created by an individual or organization that has permission to sign BlackBerry apps, and gives permission for an unsigned app to run on those BlackBerry devices specified by the token creator.

When you create a debug token, you specify the PIN for each device on which the token can be used. You can distribute the debug tokens you create to developers to install on those devices, or install them yourself. You are limited to a total of 100 device PINs across all of your debug tokens that are currently active. If you create debug tokens that address 100 PINs, you must wait for some of your debug tokens to expire before you create more.

Because debug tokens expire after 30 days, they provide developers with the opportunity to distribute their unsigned app to beta testers without the overhead of signing. When the token expires, any app that relies on that token will no longer work.

For more information on creating and using debug tokens, see Deploy to a device.

Last modified: 2014-03-10

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