Elements in config.xml

The following table describes each element that can be used in a config.xml file for BlackBerry 10 OS. It also specifies how many times you can use each element in your config.xml file.

Element Description Instances
<access> Specifies that the application can access external resources. Used with the <feature> element. zero or more
<author> Specifies the author's name. one
<content> Specifies the application start page. one
<description> Specifies a human-readable description of the application. zero or more
<feature> Specifies features and functionality that the application can access. zero or more
<icon> Specifies an icon that represents the application on the Home screen of the BlackBerry device. zero or more
<license> Specifies end user license and copyright information. zero or one
<name> Specifies a human-readable name for the application. one or more
<param> Defines a parameter for a particular feature (for example, screen orientation and background color). Must be a child of <feature> element. zero or more
<rim:invoke-target> Registers your application as a handler for an invocation event. zero or more
<rim:permissions> Provides a container for <rim:permit> to specify application permissions for device features. one
<rim:permit> Defines application permissions for device features. Must be child of <rim:permissions> . one or more
<rim:splash> Specifies the image to display on the screen while your application loads. zero or more
<widget> Provides a container for all other elements. one

Last modified: 2014-03-10

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