BlackBerry World

Opening a specific page in BlackBerry World

Here are the invocation attributes you use to open a specific page in BlackBerry World:

Attribute Value
Target ID




Here's a list of URIs you use to open various other pages in BlackBerry World:

Page URI
Home page appworld://
Content details for an ID  (for example, works for games, apps, albums, tracks, movies, TV show series, or TV show season or episode) appworld://content/<contentid>
Category listing for an ID appworld://category/<categoryid>
Editorialized Merchandising Unit for an ID appworld://emu/<emuid>
Search results for a search term appworld://search/<searchterm>
Vendor page for an ID appworld://vendor/<vendorid>
My World appworld://myworld
My World subscriptions appworld://myworld/subscriptions
Content control  appworld://parentalcontrol
Games appworld://games
Apps appworld://apps
Music appworld://music
Video appworld://video
Any unknown command opens the home page of BlackBerry World appworld://<???>

Last modified: 2014-03-10

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