Best practices for packaging apps

The following table lists some best practices to consider when packaging your app with the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK.

Best practice


Name your app's archive file, folder, and resources consistently and correctly.

When you package a BlackBerry WebWorks app, the BlackBerry WebWorks Packager uses various resources. The BlackBerry WebWorks Packager does not verify the file names, so you must make sure that all the file names and file paths match the settings in the config.xml files. If the archive or files within the archive are named improperly, the app will not compile.

The BlackBerry WebWorks Packager checks references to the app permissions, the start page, and the app icons.

Consider the following when naming the archive file and its contents:
  • For the archive file name, use only alphanumeric characters, and begin file names with a letter.
  • For files within the archive, use only alphanumeric characters, the underscore, or periods. File names must begin with a letter.
  • The name of the .bar file will be the same as the archive file name or folder location.
  • Resource names within the .bar file are case sensitive.

Verify that all the required elements are in the config.xml file.

At a minimum, you must define the namespace and specify the app, version, and name elements in the config.xmls file. You might require the author element if your app is distributed by another service or app. Check for proper syntax in the config.xml file and that it is a valid .xml file.

Make sure that the elements your app requires are defined in the config.xml file.

Some elements are not required by the BlackBerry WebWorks Packager but might be required for your app to run properly. Make sure that the permissions are defined properly if the app must be able to make requests to external domains, and that feature elements are defined for any BlackBerry WebWorks APIs you use.

Last modified: 2014-03-10

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