App integration

The BlackBerry 10 OS provides the invocation framework to bring a powerful cross-application integration capability to the platform. You can use the invocation framework and cards to greatly enhance the user experience and functionality of your app.

The invocation framework facilitates inter-app communication. The framework provides the capability for your application to launch another application from within your app's UI. This capability provides for better multitasking and a smooth application flow, and allows the BlackBerry device user to continue with a task without losing focus. You can also integrate your application with core applications. For example, email, file manager, pictures, music, and BBM can be integrated and called by your application when needed.

Cards enhance the invocation framework's capabilities. Cards allow you to launch a particular screen of another application in the form of a card, instead of launching the full application. Cards also use fewer system resources and offer a great user experience.

Last modified: 2014-03-10

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