The PushPayload object provides access to the payload that has arrived as the result of a push. This object cannot be created by the new keyword. It is generated only by the system on receipt of a push notification.

Learning Resources:

Sample - Push Capture Sample that demonstrates how to use the BlackBerry Push API [BlackBerry on GitHub].
Developer Guide Guide for creating a Push Capture sample app [BlackBerry Developer Documentation].

Supported Platform(s)

- BlackBerry 10
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acknowledge           Y 
data           Y 
headers           Y 
id           Y 
isAcknowledgeRequired           Y 

Configuration Document Settings

To use all of the API described for this object, you must ensure the following settings are in your configuration document:

You must declare the feature element(s) below in your configuration document:

Feature IDBB5.0BB6.0BB7.0PB1.0PB2.0BB10Ripple
<feature id="blackberry.push" />           Y 
Permission Elements (PlayBook and BlackBerry 10+)
You must declare the permission element(s) below in your configuration document:
- <rim:permit system = 'true'>_sys_use_consumer_push</rim:permit>
Permits your consumer (public) application to use push. This permission is not needed to use enterprise push.



Blob data
Object headers
String id
Boolean isAcknowledgeRequired


void acknowledge (shouldAcceptPush : Boolean)

Sends an acknowledgement to the PPG indicating whether a push should be accepted or rejected. It is up to the application to determine whether to accept or reject a push message based on it own business rules. It is strongly recommended to accept or reject the push message as soon as possible otherwise the push message will automatically be considered rejected.

Use the isAckRequired property to determine whether or not calling acknowledge is required.

Supported Platforms
 - BlackBerry 10

shouldAcceptPush True if the push should be accepted; false if the push should be rejected

Code Example:
if (pushPayload.isAcknowledgeRequired) {
   // Accept push

   // To reject the push, you would call: 
   // pushPayload.acknowledge(false);


readonly Blob data

The data (payload) of a push.

Supported Platforms
 - BlackBerry 10

Code Example:
// See the extractPushPayload function in the PushService 
// class for an example of how to convert the data   
// property from a Blob to a string (for plain text) 
// and to an ArrayBuffer (for binary)

readonly Object headers

The headers of a push in string header name-header value pairs.

Supported Platforms
 - BlackBerry 10

Code Example:
// To access a header value with the name "header-name":
var headerValue = pushPayload.headers["header-name"];

readonly String id

The ID of a push.

Supported Platforms
 - BlackBerry 10

readonly Boolean isAcknowledgeRequired

Indicates whether or not a developer must acknowledge the receipt of a push. True if an acknowledgement is required for the push; false otherwise.

Supported Platforms
 - BlackBerry 10

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