A connection to communicate with one or more peers, where the peers are not aware of each other. Each peer can only communicate with the current user.

For example, a channel connection could be used when a user wants to have a private chat with a contact, or wants to send their location information to one or more contacts.


In the diagram above, the current user (user A) has invited users B, C, and D to the channel. Once the users join, user A can send data to B, C, and D, but B, C, and D can only send data to A.

Supported Platform(s)

- BlackBerry OS 5.0+
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leave Y Y Y       

Configuration Document Settings

To use all of the API described for this object, you must ensure the following settings are in your configuration document:

You must declare the feature element(s) below in your configuration document:

Feature IDBB5.0BB6.0BB7.0PB1.0PB2.0BB10Ripple
<feature id="blackberry.bbm.platform" /> Y Y Y       

Permission Elements (PlayBook and BlackBerry 10+)
This API does not require a <permission> element to be declared in the configuration document of your BlackBerry WebWorks Application.




void leave ()

Removes the current user from the connection, but leaves it active for all other participants.

onUserLeft will be called for all other users currently in the connection.

The connection will become inactive for the current user, and should not be used afterwards.

Supported Platforms
 - BlackBerry OS 5.0+

IllegalStateException if the current user has already left the connection.
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