Digital Authentication Framework

Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
BasicErrorSimple implementation of DAError
BasicKeyBase class for simple keys
BasicMetaDataSimple implementation of DAMetaData
BasicReadonlyKeySimple key implementation for class-0 devices
CommonMechCreates commonly-used DAMechanism values
DAAuthProtocolCo-ordinates calls required for enrollment, authentication and passphrase change
DAAuthStateLong term state for authglue library
DADeviceInterface to device object
DADriverTop-level functions provided by the device driver
DAErrorInterface for error reporting
DAKeyInterface to Key objects
DAMessageEncapsulates a message and various (optional) crypto parameters
DAMetaDataGeneral metadata interface
DASessionInterface to "session" object
DATestInterfaceInterface between test library and test environment
DATestLibRun a sequence of tests
DAUtilsUtility functions