Digital Authentication Framework
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAuthenticationWarning(NEW IN 2.0) Describes warning to be given to user during authentication
 CAuthProcessParamsA collection of parameters for completing an DAF user authentication in a background thread
 CChangeDeviceProcessParamsA collection of parameters for completing an DAF device change operation in a background thread
 CChangePassphraseProcessParamsA collection of parameters for completing an DAF password change operation in a background thread
 CDAFApplicationThis is the abstract base class for all Android DAF applications
 CEnrollProcessParamsA collection of parameters for completing an DAF enrollment in a background thread
 CGeneralProcessParamsThis is the base class for collecting parameters for a background process
 CPassphraseCallbackInterface implemented by objects which can block while obtaining a user passphrase
 CProgressCallbackProvide an implementation of this interface to be informed of the results of a DAF enrollment, authentication, passphrase change, or device change operation
 CAuthProtocolThis class wraps a native DAAuthProtocol object and exposes its methods
 CDAFExceptionExceptions of this type are thrown by the AuthProtocol static constructors and methods
 CBasicKeyThis implements DAKey in a basic sense, but returns errors for all crypto/storage calls
 CBasicMetaDataThis is a simple DAMetaData implementation backed by type-specific maps of attributes to values
 CBasicSessionThis implementation of DASession exposes its metadata using BasicMetadata, and has a list of available keys
 CClass0DeviceThis is an example class 0 device
 CClass1DeviceThis is an example class 1 device
 CClass2DeviceThis is an example class 2 device
 CClass2KeyKey implementation for the com.good.daf.class2.Class2Device
 CClass3DeviceThis is an example class 3 device
 CClass3KeyKey implementation for the com.good.daf.class3.Class3Device
 CClass4DeviceThis is an example class 4 device
 CDAAttribDAF attribute enumeration
 CDADeviceThis is the interface to an authentication accessory device
 CDADigestTypeDAF hash enumeration
 CDAErrorA Java reflection of the native DAError type
 CCodeEnumeration matching the native DAError type
 CDAKeyAn implementation of this interface represents a cryptographic key or non-cryptographic stored value
 CDAMechanismThis is a type-safety wrapper over underlying mechanism encoding: DER encoding of the allocated OID for a mechanism
 CDAMessageThis type contains the inputs and outputs of a cryptographic transform
 CDAMetaDataThis interface allows access to information about devices, sessions and keys
 CDASessionThis type describes a session with a device
 CDAUtilAssorted utility functions
 CBasicErrorSimple implementation of DAError
 CBasicKeyBase class for simple keys
 CBasicMetaDataSimple implementation of DAMetaData
 CBasicReadonlyKeySimple key implementation for class-0 devices
 CCommonMechCreates commonly-used DAMechanism values
 CDAAuthProtocolCo-ordinates calls required for enrollment, authentication and passphrase change
 CDAAuthStateLong term state for authglue library
 CDADeviceInterface to device object
 CDADriverTop-level functions provided by the device driver
 CDAErrorInterface for error reporting
 CDAKeyInterface to Key objects
 CDAMessageEncapsulates a message and various (optional) crypto parameters
 CDAMetaDataGeneral metadata interface
 CDASessionInterface to "session" object
 CDATestInterfaceInterface between test library and test environment
 CDATestLibRun a sequence of tests
 CDAUtilsUtility functions