User device application Data Type

An assigned or installed user device application.

Name Type Description
guid string GUID of the application.
bundleId string Unique bundle ID for the user device application.
disposition string Disposition of the application assignment.
dynamicsContainerId string Container ID for BlackBerry Dynamics apps. Does not appear for other app types.
status string Install status.
name string App name.
personal boolean Indicates if the app is a personal app.
version string App version.


  "guid" : "442132bb-2b22-492f-9443-a6b59e4c5289",
  "bundleId" : "com.good.gcs",
  "disposition" : "REQUIRED",
  "dynamicsContainerId" : "C85ECFF5-A3DB-4FDC-887F-8712220EBD92",
  "status" : "ACTIVATED",
  "name" : "BlackBerry Work",
  "personal" : false,
  "version" : "..."