User detail Data Type

Details of a user in the system.

Name Type Description
domain string Domain name of the user. Only applies to directory-linked users, not local users.
customVariables array of User custom variable Custom variables that have been set for the user.
administrator boolean Indicates if the user has an administrator role directly assigned or inherited via a group assignment.
links array of Link Links from this user to related resources. Possible link relationships include:
  • groups: Groups directly assigned to this user.
  • profiles: Profiles directly assigned to this user.
guid string GUID of the user.
directoryId string Unique identifier of the user in a company directory. Only applies to directory-linked users, not local users.
company string Name of the company that the user belongs to.
title string Title of the user in the company.
department string Department name that the user belongs to.
officePhoneNumber string Office phone number.
homePhoneNumber string Home phone number.
mobilePhoneNumber string Mobile phone number.
streetAddress string Street address.
poBox string Post office (PO) box.
city string City.
state string State/province.
postalCode string Postal or ZIP code.
country string Country.
username string Username to login with.
displayName string Display name of the user.
firstName string First name.
lastName string Last name.
emailAddress string Email address.


  "domain" : "",
  "customVariables" : [ {
    "name" : "%custom_pswd1%",
    "label" : "VPN password",
    "value" : "KioqKioq",
    "encrypted" : true
  }, {
    "name" : "%custom1%",
    "label" : "Region",
    "value" : "QW1lcmljYXM=",
    "encrypted" : false
  } ],
  "administrator" : true,
  "links" : [ {
    "rel" : "groups",
    "href" : "https://server01:18084/SRP00000/api/v1/users/6dd3a8e2-3f24-48c6-961a-949794f4b554/groups"
  }, {
    "rel" : "...",
    "href" : "..."
  } ],
  "guid" : "6dd3a8e2-3f24-48c6-961a-949794f4b554",
  "directoryId" : "e7aad64542784faeab305304abea36fa",
  "company" : "BlackBerry Limited",
  "title" : "Associate",
  "department" : "Sales",
  "officePhoneNumber" : "(519) 555-0100",
  "homePhoneNumber" : "(519) 555-0101",
  "mobilePhoneNumber" : "(519) 555-0102",
  "streetAddress" : "2240 University Avenue",
  "poBox" : "555",
  "city" : "Waterloo",
  "state" : "Ontario",
  "postalCode" : "N2K 0A9",
  "country" : "Canada",
  "username" : "pmorley",
  "displayName" : "Paul Morley",
  "firstName" : "Paul",
  "lastName" : "Morley",
  "emailAddress" : ""