Organization Status Data Type

Licensing status summary for an organization

Name Type Description
overallComplianceStatus string

Organization's overall compliance status based on all individual service states.

Values could be any one of the following:
  • VALID (All services are compliant)
  • WARNING (One or more service is in grace period)
  • ERROR (One or more service is out of compliance)
connectedToLicensingInfrastructure boolean true if the connection to licensing infrastructure was successful, false otherwise
groupLicensing boolean true if group licensing is enabled, false otherwise
licensingInfrastructureLastContact string License server last contact date and time in ISO-8601 format.


  "overallComplianceStatus" : "VALID",
  "connectedToLicensingInfrastructure" : true,
  "groupLicensing" : false,
  "licensingInfrastructureLastContact" : "2017-01-01T11:04:30.45Z"