Directory user Data Type

User in a company directory.

Name Type Description
directoryId string Unique identifier of the user in a company directory.
mdm boolean Only applies only when creating a user; it will not be included in any response. Set to true to have Mobile Device Management (MDM) enabled for the user to create; set to false otherwise. A user that is enabled for MDM can have their devices managed. If not provided in the request to create the user, the created user will be enabled for MDM by default.
username string Username to login with.
displayName string Display name of the user.
firstName string First name.
lastName string Last name.
emailAddress string Email address.


  "directoryId" : "e7aad64542784faeab305304abea36fa",
  "username" : "pmorley",
  "displayName" : "Paul Morley",
  "firstName" : "Paul",
  "lastName" : "Morley",
  "emailAddress" : ""