Activation password Data Type

A user activation password to activate devices against the system.

Name Type Description
guid string GUID of the activation password.
password string Base64-encoded value of the activation password. When creating an activation password you may specify a password value or leave this field null or blank to auto-generate one. When getting an activation password, this value will be "******" in base64 encoding, i.e. "KioqKioq".
expiry string The date and time the activation password will expire in ISO-8601 format.
expireAfterUse boolean If true, the activation password will be expired after use. If false, the activation password will be valid until the expiry time is reached. If no value is provided when creating, the default tenant level setting will be used.
activationProfile Profile The specific activation profile to associate with this activation password. If no activation profile is specified, the default activation profile assigned to the user will be used when activating. Profile must be of type: ACTIVATION and may be identified by either GUID or name.
emailTemplate Email template The activation email template to be used when sending the activation password to the user. When auto-generating the password, an email template must be specified. For a manually set password, if no email template is specified the user will not be emailed. Email template must be a valid type for activation and may be identified by either GUID or name.


  "guid" : "ee970507-b08f-43ad-853b-27a4d3e41129",
  "password" : "YWJjMTIz",
  "expiry" : "2016-07-16T19:20:30.45Z",
  "expireAfterUse" : true,
  "activationProfile" : {
    "guid" : "3d55abd2-c00e-4f5f-abcf-01c92ac777b1",
    "name" : "Sample Policy",
    "categoryName" : "IT_CONFIG",
    "default" : true
  "emailTemplate" : {
    "guid" : "b82021dc-8020-41c9-a756-4318c968e95e",
    "name" : "Basic Activation Template",
    "type" : "ACTIVATION",
    "default" : true