Email templates Resource

Email templates are used for sending activation information or compliance violation notification emails.

GET /{tenantGuid}/api/v1/emailTemplates

Available Since:

Get email templates of a specific type or all types.

Sample request

 GET /SRP00000/api/v1/emailTemplates?query=type=ACTIVATION

Sample response body

    "name":"Default activation email",
    "default" : true
    "name":"Consultants activation",
    "default" : false

Request Parameters
Name Location Description
query query (Optional) A query for filtering the email template results. If not specified, all templates are returned. Commas or backslashes in query values must be escaped with a backslash.
Field Type Description
type string Type of email templates to get. See Email template types for a list of supported values.
Response Codes
Code Condition Data type
200 OK.
400 Invalid search query.
Response Body
Media type Data type Description
application/vnd.blackberry.emailtemplates-v1+json Email templates (JSON)