Enum data type Data Type

The Enum data type indicates a predefined list of constants that a setting can be set to.

Name Type Description
defaultValue string The Default value. This is only used by internal UEM processing.
initialValue string The initial value. The initial value will be used when a setting is required but hasn't been explicitly set when creating or updating an entity instance. The initial value is also used to populate the entity template.
storageFormat string Storage format, one of:identifier, value, custom The storage format indicates whether the 'name', 'value' or a 'custom value' is used when creating or updating an entity instance. See: 'storageValue' in Enum Option..
options array of Enum option The list of enum options.
required boolean Returns true if the setting is mandatory and must be present in the entity instance. Otherwise the setting is optional.
constant boolean Returns true if this setting can not be changed from the initial value. Otherwise the setting can be set to any valid value.
type string The JSON object type.
name string The name of the setting which correlates to the name of the setting in the entity instance JSON requests/responses.
displayName string The display name of the setting. For settings displayed in the UEM UI, this correlates to text displayed in the UEM UI.
osFamilies array of string For device related entities (for example BlackBerry Dynamics profiles) the osFamilies indicates OS Families the setting applies to.
description string The description of the setting.
condition Condition attribute The condition attribute indicates that the setting is conditional on another setting.


  "defaultValue" : "ZERO",
  "initialValue" : "ZERO",
  "storageFormat" : "value",
  "options" : [ {
    "name" : "ZERO",
    "value" : "0",
    "storageValue" : "0",
    "displayName" : "zero"
  }, {
    "name" : "...",
    "value" : "...",
    "storageValue" : "...",
    "displayName" : "..."
  } ],
  "required" : false,
  "constant" : false,
  "type" : "enum",
  "name" : "description",
  "displayName" : "Enable Face ID from cold start",
  "osFamilies" : [ "Android", "..." ],
  "description" : "",
  "condition" : {
    "setting" : "allDisclaimerPolicyEnable",
    "operator" : "=",
    "value" : "false",
    "outcome" : "irrelevant",
    "fixedValue" : "true"