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BBDThreatStatus Class Reference

Class providing details of security threats related to the device, application, network, and user.

#import <BlackBerryDynamics/GD/GDThreatStatus.h>

Inheritance diagram for BBDThreatStatus:

Instance Methods

(BBDThreatLevel- getOverallThreatLevel
 Get the overall level of risk. More...
(nullable BBDThreat *) - getThreat:
 Return the threat information for a specific type of threat. More...
(NSArray< BBDThreat * > *) - getThreat
 Return status of all threats evaluated. More...

Method Documentation

◆ getOverallThreatLevel

- (BBDThreatLevel) getOverallThreatLevel

Return the overall level of risk combining all threat types being evaluated. For example, if any detected threat poses a HIGH risk then the overall threat level will also be deemed to be HIGH.

BBDThreatLevel specifying the overall threat level.

◆ getThreat:

- (nullable BBDThreat *) getThreat: (BBDThreatType ruleType

Return details for specific threat type including the risk level, evaluation time and status

ruleTypeThreatType to be retrieved.
BBDThreat object for the requested ThreatType.
nil if ThreatType is invalid.

◆ getThreat

- (NSArray<BBDThreat *> *) getThreat

Return the threat information of all types of threats that are evaluated by the runtime.

NSArray of BBDThreat for all available types.

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