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GDLogUploadState Enum Reference

BlackBerry Dynamics log upload state. More...


Use the constants in this enumeration to check the current state of BlackBerry Dynamics activity log upload. The GDLogManager.getUploadState method always returns one of these values.

It is only necessary to check the log upload state if the application implements its own log upload monitoring user interface instead of using the built-in user interface. See the GDLogManager.openLogUploadUI method documentation.

Public Attributes

 Log upload hasn't been started. More...
 Log upload has been started and is now underway.
 Log upload has finished.
 The last log upload operation was cancelled. More...
 Log upload has been started but is currently suspended.
 Log upload was suspended but has now been resumed.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Idle


This is the initial state.

◆ Cancelled


A new upload hasn't been started.