Value  string

The possible error values that can be emitted in the SparkCommunications#event:setupError event.


Name Type Optional Description




There was a serious problem with one of the setup steps.




The authentication token provided to the SDK via the SparkCommunications#authTokenCallback could not be validated or did not provide the user with sufficient permissions to access the BlackBerry Infrastructure.

The SDK will have already made at least one attempt to refresh the token via a call to SparkCommunications#authTokenCallback while attempting to retain the client's registration status with the BlackBerry Infrastructure before a SparkCommunications#event:setupError event is issued with this failure reason.




Another client has superseded this client's registration with the BlackBerry Infrastructure. This client is no longer registered and can no longer service requests.

IMPORTANT: Do not call SparkCommunications#setupStart automatically when this failure reason is reported as this can result in clients alternately being kicked off the BlackBerry Infrastructure. It is recommended that the application notify the user of this condition and allow them to log-in again.




Setup failed because the SDK was configured to use the BlackBerry Key Management Service (KMS) and the domain was configured to use Cloud Key Storage. The application or the domain is misconfigured and manual intervention is required.