BlackBerry Spark Communications Services for iOS  1.9.0
BBMStatsCommittedMessage Class Reference
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Instance Methods

(id) - init
- Instance Methods inherited from BBMJSONMessage
(NSString *) - requestData
(NSDictionary *) - requestDict

Detailed Description

Represents the statsCommitted protocol message.

Your application sends this message to indicate two things:Your application has taken custodianship of the most recently fetched 'stat' list values. Your application did (or will) record them in its reporting system.Those previously reported 'stat' values must no longer be included in future fetches of the 'stat' list. In other words, it resets the counters, but does so without losing the stats collected since the last 'stat' list fetch.

See the 'stat' list for a detailed explanation how to use this message.

Note that 'statsCommitted' always applies to the most recently fetched 'stat' list values. If no 'stat' list values have ever been fetched, this has no effect.

There is no reply to this message.