BlackBerry Spark Communications Services for iOS  1.11.0
BBMChatMessageDestroyMessage Class Reference
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Instance Methods

(id) - initWithChatId:
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(NSString *) - requestData
(NSDictionary *) - requestDict


NSString * chatId
NSNumber * messageId

Detailed Description

Represents the chatMessageDestroy protocol message.

Request that one or many 'chatMessage' entries previously sent by the local user's identity be recalled and destroyed from:the local endpoint,other endpoints of the local user's identity,all endpoints of all other participants of the chat, andthe BlackBerry Infrastructure.An outgoing message can be destroyed regardless of its delivery state, except that requests to destroy a 'chatMessage' in 'state' 'Failed' will be ignored.The 'chatMessage' 'recall' state will be updated to reflect the state of the process on the sender endpoint and all recipients' endpoints. There is no guarantee that the recipients have not read the message prior to it being destroyed.


Property Documentation

◆ chatId

- (NSString*) chatId

The id of the chat containing the message to be recalled and destroyed.


◆ messageId

- (NSNumber*) messageId

When present, this is the id of an individual 'chatMessage' that is to be recalled and destroyed within the indicated chat. Only "content" messages can be identified with a 'messageId'. Thus, 'chatMessage' entries with 'tag' values such as 'Admin', 'Gap', 'Join', 'Leave', 'Remove', 'Shred', and 'Subject' cannot be destroyed by indiciating their individual 'messageId'.When not present, all 'chatMessage' entries that have been previously sent by the local user's identity will be recalled and destroyed. Plus, all non-"content" messages (including control messages with the 'tag' values listed above) that have been sent by the local user's identity within the indicated chat will be destroyed from the BlackBerry Infrastructure. Thus, endpoints that have not yet received those control messages shall never receive them or make them available to your application.