BlackBerry Spark Communications Services for iOS  1.11.0
BBMChatEventSendMessage Class Reference
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Instance Methods

(id) - initWithChatId:tag:
- Instance Methods inherited from BBMJSONMessage
(NSString *) - requestData
(NSDictionary *) - requestDict


NSString * chatId
NSString * tag
NSDictionary * data

Detailed Description

Represents the chatEventSend protocol message.

With this request, your application asks bbmcore to send a chat event to all participants of an existing chat. The chat event will not be stored persistently in the chat mailbox for later delivery and will be sent only to the endpoints of chat participants that are currently connected to the BlackBerry Infrastructure. Chat events are either sent immediately or they fail immediately, and they do not interact with the flow or queue of other outgoing messages within a chat. Endpoints that are not connected when this message is sent will never receive a copy of this message. There is no mechanism to tell if a chat event is delivered to any or all chat participants.

These properties make chat events cheaper in terms of storage and network usage than messages sent with 'chatMessageSend'.

The local user's other connected endpoints can and will receive their own identity's chat events. This endpoint will never receive its own chat events.

This mechanism is useful in cases where applications want to send frequent, timely information to all participants that has no value other than in the moment. For example, an application might want to send live location information from one or more participants to all other participants.


Property Documentation

◆ chatId

- (NSString*) chatId

The id of the chat in which the chat event is to be posted.


◆ data

- (NSDictionary*) data

This field contains opaque data managed by your application that is sent with the chat event. Bbmcore does not examine or modify this JSON object.This can contain a single JSON object, or it can not exist at all. It cannot contain any other JSON type.The total size of the 'data' object (encoded as JSON in UTF-8) must not exceed 71680 bytes (70 KB).


◆ tag

- (NSString*) tag

Your application-specified tag that indicates what kind of chat event is being sent.