BlackBerry Spark Communications Platform Guide

Release Notes

The current release of the BlackBerry Spark Communications Platform is R6.

Release R6

New feature highlights:

Release R5

New feature highlights:

Changes to the storage and sharing of chat subjects

The R5 release of the BBM Enterprise SDK uses a new way to store and share chat subjects among chat participants. If your application has existing endpoints built with older versions of the SDK, your existing chat subjects will be migrated as follows.

Release R4

New feature highlights:

A note about upgrading from R3 to R4

JavaScript clients support MPoP, and as a result, they require MPoP-ready BBM Enterprise SDK user accounts. JavaScript clients are new for the R4 release, and they do not support old accounts until those accounts are upgraded to be MPoP-ready.

To upgrade a pre-MPoP account that was created by R3 Android or iOS clients, sign in to the account with the R4 Android or iOS client. Once the account is upgraded, it will be usable with R4 Web and Node clients.

New accounts created with the R4 release of the BBM Enterprise SDK for Android, iOS, Web, or Node are automatically MPoP-ready and do not require this one-time upgrade.

When an R3 Android or iOS client connects to an MPoP-ready account, it can change the account back to a pre-MPoP state if the app uses the "device switch" mechanism. If this happens, the account will once again need to be upgraded to be MPoP-ready before R4 Web and Node clients can connect.

For platform specific changes:

Release R3

This was the initial release of the BBM Enterprise SDK.