BlackBerry Spark Communications Services Guide

JavaScript Release Notes



This is a maintenance release that contains minor improvements and documentation updates.

Updated APIs



This is a maintenance release that contains minor improvements and documentation updates.

Support Library Updates



New Features

  • The Web example applications now support Google People for User Management.
  • Updated APIs

    Deprecated APIs

    Support Library Updates

    Node.js Modules Updated

    The Node.js bundle of the SDK has had the following module dependency updates:

    Module Old Version New Version
    asn1.js 5.0.0 5.0.1
    base64-js 1.2.3 1.3.0
    big-integer 1.6.36
    btoa 1.1.2 1.2.1
    buffer 4.9.1 5.2.1
    google-protobuf 3.5.0 3.6.1
    json-bigint 0.2.3 0.3.0
    bignumber.js 4.1.0 7.2.1
    eventemitter3 3.0.1 3.1.0
    promiscuous 0.7.1 0.7.2
    sdp-transform 2.4.0 2.4.1
    sha.js 2.4.10 2.4.11



    API Updates

    Node.js Module Updates

    The Node.js bundle of the SDK has had the following module dependency updates:
    Module Old Version New Version
    websocket 1.0.25 1.0.26

    Support Library Updates

    Example Updates


    New Features

    New APIs

    Updated APIs

    Deprecated APIs

    These functions will be removed in a future release of the SDK.

    New Events

    Updated Events



    SDK Functionality Updates:

    API Documentation Corrections:

    Example Updates:

    Support Library Widget Updates:


    New Features

    The following new APIs are offered by the BBM Enterprise SDK for JavaScript:

    The RegistrationChanged event has been updated to expose a registrationToken which contains trusted information about the association of the local user ID and their assigned BBM registration ID.

    Identity key import failures are now reported more directly. When the identity keys provided via KeyProviderInterface.getProfileKeys fail to import, the KeyProviderInterface.profileKeysImportFailed function will be called. If that function has not been defined by your application, or if your application returns 'AbandonSetup' from that function, BBMEnterprise.setup will now be rejected with a RegistrationChanged event that has a failure reason of 'FailedToImportProfileKeys'.

    The download progress of a file associated with a ChatMessage can now be reported to the application through the progress function provided in the options.

    An application can now change a chat's invite policy via the BBMEnterprise.Messenger.chatUpdate interface by specifying the 'invitePolicy' property of the BBMEnterprise.Messenger.ChatUpdateOptions object.

    Breaking Changes

    New Examples

    Node.js Module Dependency Changes

    New Modules
    Module Version
    asn1.js 5.0.0
    Updated Modules
    Module Old Version New Version
    base64-js 1.2.0 1.2.3
    bignumber-js 4.0.2 4.1.0
    eventemitter3 2.0.3 3.0.1
    google-protobuf 3.3.0 3.5.0
    promiscuous 0.7.0 0.7.1
    sdp-transform 2.3.0 2.4.0
    sha.js 2.4.8 2.4.10
    websocket 1.0.24 1.0.25
    Removed Modules
    Module Version
    constants-browserify 1.0.0
    ieee754 1.1.8
    isarray 2.0.1
    https 1.0.0
    node-crypto-openssl 1.0.27
    ssl-root-cas 1.2.3
    ws 3.0.0


    Version 1.0.0-rc48

    Corrected the variable name from OAUTH_CONFIGURATION to AUTH_CONFIGURATION in the example configuration file for the RichChat example.

    Version 1.0.0-rc42

    Corrected the minimum supported Node.js version from 4.0 to be 6.0 in the Getting Started with Node.js documentation

    An application can now define the backing store for the messages of a chat to facilitate transforms on the message list for use with different UI frameworks by specifying a factory object that conforms to the BBMEnterprise.MessageStorageInterface as part of the configuration passed to the BBMEnterprise object.

    Added Forbidden to the RegistrationChanged.Failure enumeration to indicate registration failures due to authentication issues.

    Support Library

    The Support library now includes several UI custom elements to facilitate the creation of applications that are backed by the BBM Enterprise SDK for JavaScript. Please refer to the Support library documentation for more information on these newly added WebComponents:

    Authentication and user management through Microsoft Azure Active Directory is now supported.

    New Example Applications

    Version 1.0.0-rc32

    The first release of BBM Enterprise for JavaScript

    Upgrade instructions