BlackBerry Spark Communications Services Guide

Google People for User Management

The Support libraries include code that you can use for user management with the Google People API for Google Contacts management. The Google People API lets you list and manage your users' Google Contacts.

Follow the steps provided in Google People API getting started guide before integrating with user management.

Mapping Google Contacts

The Google profile identifier is used to map Google contacts to SDK regId identifiers. Users are fetched from the Google People account with the batchGet method. The names, photos, email addresses and metadata fields are requested for each user using a request like the following:


The returned metadata field contains information about the source of each contact. If the SourceType is PROFILE this contact has a Google profile. The id value of the source is the contact's Google ID. If that Google ID has been used to register with the BlackBerry infrastructure, the ID can be resolved to a regId and will be listed in the available contacts. Additional contacts can be added via the Google People web interface. These new contacts will be listed once they register with the BlackBerry Infrastructure using their Google ID.

Checkout the APIs to resolve the Google ID to a regId for Android, iOS, and JavaScript.

Enable the Google People API

To use the Google People API, it must be enabled in your Google project from the Google console. If you haven't created a Firebase or Google API project, follow the Google Sign-In Identity Provider guide to create your project.


The SDK example applications can be set up to use Google People for user management.