BlackBerry Spark Communications Services Guide

BBMDS: BlackBerry Messenger Data Service

BBMDS stands for BlackBerry Messenger Data Service. This is the name of the JSON message passing protocol that's used inside the SDK on Android and iOS.

Usually, an Android or iOS application doesn't need to work with BBMDS directly. Those SDK APIs expose a higher-level interface for interacting with the SDK. However, sometimes, applications may benefit from direct access or exposure to the BBMDS that underpins these APIs.

The SDK for JavaScript does not use BBMDS.

Enabling BBMDS Logging

When developing or debugging applications, it can be useful to view and understand the BBMDS JSON messages that are exchanged between the SDK API layer and the core logic layer of the SDK, known as bbmcore.

See the FAQ for information on how to enable logging and how to obtain the log file contents, which will include BBMDS messages.

Detailed Documentation

The BBMDS Protocol Documentation details the syntax and semantics of the BBMDS messages.