Disqus FAQ

To bring you the best possible experience, we use Disqus commenting on our developer websites to give you the opportunity to provide direct feedback on our documentation.

To help you use Disqus, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

  • 1. What is Disqus?

    Disqus is a popular framework for commenting on websites. When you visit a page in our docs, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to leave a comment or view comments that other readers have already left. In addition to creating a new comment, you can reply to another user's comment or share a comment on social media.

  • 2. Who reads my comments?

    Moderators regularly monitor all of the user comments across the website, so you can be sure that your feedback will be read and acted upon if necessary. Also, members of our Developer Relations team frequently read and answer your comments. We do our best to acknowledge your comments and provide the information that you need.

  • 3. Do I need a Disqus account to leave a comment?

    Yes. To leave comments, you need a Disqus account with a verified email address.

  • 4. What types of comments are beneficial?

    There are a few types of comments you can leave that are especially useful and let us help you the most:

    • Errors or inaccuracies: If you notice something that's incorrect, such as a typo or some other inaccuracy, please let us know in a comment. For example, if the docs say that a function returns a certain set of values, but you notice that it actually returns different values, leave a comment with that information so we can correct our description. We strive to make our documentation correct in every detail, so these types of comments are particularly helpful.
    • Content gaps: It might be that a page doesn't include enough information or leaves out some key details. In these cases, leave a comment and let us know what you think should be added. We use that information to continually improve our docs.
    • Clarification requests: If you have a short, simple question about the content of the docs, feel free to ask it in a comment. If your question is longer or more detailed, or isn't specifically related to the docs on the page, it's better to post your question in one of the developer forums. By using the forums, you're giving other developers the opportunity to learn from your experiences, and you're also helping to create a better, more interactive developer community.
  • 5. What types of comments aren't beneficial?

    In contrast, some comments aren't quite as helpful:

    • Spam or offensive content: We won't reply to these types of comments, and we may delete them at our discretion.
    • Unrelated questions or comments: If a comment isn't directly related to the content on the page, we might redirect you to a more appropriate place to post, or we may remove the comment. If you're looking to discuss subjects not directly related to documentation, consider checking out our Social Lounge.
    • Long, detailed questions: As mentioned above, we encourage you to ask simple questions in user comments. However, for more detailed questions, or to get help with developing your app, we ask that you post on the developer forums instead.
  • 6. Where else can I get help while I develop my app?

    Our developer forum is a great community resource to help you with specific questions and problems. Members of our Developer Relations team can also offer answers that apply specifically to your app.

  • 7. Did you delete my comment?

    We don't delete comments that are useful or constructive to the documentation, but we do reserve the right to delete comments at our discretion.

    Comments that are subject to deletion may include:

    • Comments referring to out-of-date content or content that has been removed or updated
    • Offensive or hateful comments
    • Spam or comments containing links to unsupported products or services

    Occasionally, your comment may require moderator approval before it appears on the website. Your comment might need approval if your email address has not been verified with Disqus, or if your comment uses a restricted term or inappropriate language.

    Moderator approval may be delayed outside of North American business hours or on weekends, so please give us a day or two to review these comments before following up with us.

  • 8. I'm getting a "Page not found" error on a page where I posted a comment. What gives?

    Recently, we restructured some of our documentation on the Native website to merge the Cascades and Core content. This restructuring gives you an enhanced user experience by providing all of the documentation in the same place, but unfortunately, existing comments on previous pages were lost. Don't worry; we made sure to take note of any comments that suggested corrections or improvements to the documentation, and you can continue to post comments on the new pages.

  • 9. Anything else I should know?

    Be careful on pages with form entry. If you're using tabs to jump from field to field, you may accidentally tab into the Disqus field.

    We hope you take the opportunity to post a comment!