Quick Facts

  • Uses BlackBerry® WebWorks™ to develop for BlackBerry® smartphones and the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet
  • Has drawn on past experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop for BlackBerry devices
  • Created a HP webOS™ to BlackBerry WebWorks application porting guide
  • 80% of ‘Childrens Piano’ app sales come from BlackBerry PlayBook tablet users

BlackBerry Developer Success Story - 2sky.pl

Lukasz Dzierzak might still be a student, but in a few short years he has already built an impressive resume of development work from the small but ever-growing BlackBerry community in Poland. While working towards his master's degree in Informatics, Lukasz turned his passion for HTML5 and Javascript into two successful apps for BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. After hosting a February 2012 Research In Motion (RIM®) DevCon Europe session about porting HP webOS apps to the BlackBerry WebWorks platform, Lukasz has started to garner attention from around the world.

Lukasz, the founder of 2sky.pl, spoke with us about his experiences on the BlackBerry platform, why he enjoys working with BlackBerry WebWorks and the uptake his apps have seen on BlackBerry World™ storefront.

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Q: Why did you decide to develop for BlackBerry devices?

Lukasz: I started writing applications for BlackBerry devices in 2010 when the WebWorks platform was released. I already had experience with HP webOS and WebWorks gave me the opportunity to write in HTML and port my main application, Package Tracking, to BlackBerry devices. In my opinion, developing for BlackBerry devices is easy and an important point is that it's also less expensive than developing on some other platforms where there are fees associated with opening a vendor account.

Q: Why do you enjoy developing using BlackBerry WebWorks?

Lukasz: Developing in WebWorks is simple since it uses HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, which in my opinion, you can learn in a few days and then develop a number of applications in just a few hours. Even developers with basic skills can work with HTML5, write a few lines of code and create an app. It's also much easier now to find important documentation like vendor codes and download SDKs. On the other hand, I think that Objective C and C++ can be difficult languages to learn, since there are more elements to be concerned with, like memory allocation.

Q: How did you become involved in writing the HP webOS to the BlackBerry WebWorks porting guide, and why?

Lukasz: It was quite easy for me, because I'd been working with WebWorks from its early days. I have acquired a lot of knowledge on how it works and, in particular, what needs to be changed in a HP webOS app to make it work in BlackBerry WebWorks. ┬áIf you look closely, HP webOS and BlackBerry WebWorks APIs are very similar in my opinion – while there are some differences, both platforms use many of the same programming principles.

The good news for all the HP webOS developers is that they can port their apps to the BlackBerry platform using the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK. When porting applications there are always things to consider in regards to the device it will be on; for example, the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet as compared to other tablets can be different sizes and held with different orientation, which should be considered when porting between them.

Q: How would you describe your experience in getting your apps out there?

Lukasz: All of my apps are paid apps, and from my perspective, my apps have benefited more from being sold via BlackBerry World than anywhere else. Selling them on a less crowded platform that is known to support paid apps has been a good decision. For example, about 80% of the sales for the tablet version of my ‘Childrens Piano’ app come from BlackBerry PlayBook users. Another reason for the apparent success with BlackBerry is if you compare BlackBerry World to others on the market, you'll find there are so many similar applications that it's hard to differentiate between them. One can argue that it's not about quantity of apps, but about quality.

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