Quick Facts

  • ScoreMobile averages a monthly audience of 2.2 million unique visitors; ScoreMobile FC approximately 470,000
  • Fully integrated with BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) 6
  • Apps offer full BlackBerry® Push support
  • Uses HTML 5 for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet and Java® for BlackBerry smartphone

BlackBerry Developer Success Story - theScore

Score Media prides itself on providing real-time sports content that adds to the overall fan experience. That's why it was crucial for their apps—ScoreMobile and ScoreMobile FC—to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. Harnessing the native features and functions of BlackBerry smartphones, the applications offer a rich sports experience to hardcore and casual fans alike. With both applications now fully integrated with BlackBerry Messenger 6, on-the-go users have even more ways to take part in the big game.

Mark Montgomery, Senior Manager of Digital Products with Score Media, sat down to discuss working with Research In Motion (RIM), developing on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and the company's continued growth potential in international markets.

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Q: Tell me about how the apps utilize the features of BlackBerry Messenger 6.0.

Mark: Utilizing BBM 6.0 was a decision we made after discussions with RIM about what fans would most like to see out of their sports app. Our apps were among the first to integrate with BBM 6.0. We worked on the integration through its earliest stages and it was interesting to see the SDK of the beta software evolve. When you're in the ScoreMobile application you can start a BBM chat, share scores with people, and update your status to show the results of the game. BBM is such a popular feature on the BlackBerry device that it makes a lot of sense for us to offer it to our users.

Q: How does the user experience on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet differ from the BlackBerry smartphone apps?

Mark: When we decided to develop for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, we stepped back and thought about how the user would utilize its features. Our BlackBerry users access the app when they can't access the live game. The BlackBerry PlayBook app is more of a companion piece, since we believe users will watch the game at home while using the app. We took advantage of the large, vibrant screen to allow users to do more things at once, whether it be opening up a box score and following a live blog or checking out the latest standings and stats. Using BlackBerry® WebWorks™ and HTML5 made it a simple process to develop for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

Q: How have you harnessed some of the BlackBerry smartphones key features, like BlackBerry Push service?

Mark: We really try to build apps that maximize the features of the BlackBerry device and utilize its horsepower. BlackBerry Push allows us to push notifications and updates for certain teams or for selected games. The Dynamic Home Screen Icon allows the application to run in the background and monitor most-recently viewed games. These Push alerts are designed to be instantaneous and are unique to BlackBerry devices. When you're on-the-move, you want to know about the important moments in a game, so our users absolutely appreciate this feature.

Q: What has your experience been like on the BlackBerry World™ storefront?

Mark: We've been featured on the carousel a number of times. It's great because we work with RIM to be featured surrounding key sporting events. For example, our ScoreMobile FC soccer app was recently featured at the same time that the Premiership League started. Being featured surrounding an event results in a bump that comes with the extra interest in the sport. The exposure through the BlackBerry network is also a huge plus. The apps have given us a brand presence beyond North America. When our reporters are covering stories in the U.S. and elsewhere, athletes often recognize our logo from our app, which speaks volumes about the power of mobile and the RIM platform.

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