Skylab Mobilesystems Ltd.

Quick Facts

  • Began developing for BlackBerry® smartphones in 2006
  • Offer almost 100 GPS and mapping-related BlackBerry applications
  • Leverage several API's including new BlackBerry Messenger™ (BBM™) API's and BlackBerry WebWorks™ API's for GPS functionality
  • Enjoy integrated features available on BlackBerry 7 smartphones

BlackBerry Developer Success Story - Skylab Mobilesystems Ltd.

Established in 2006, Hong Kong-based Skylab Mobilesystems Ltd. offers location-based and mapping applications for the BlackBerry platform. The company develops apps utilizing GPS systems for BlackBerry smartphones, including the new Blackberry 7 devices, and the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet.

Boris Boege, CEO of Skylab Mobilesystems Ltd. discusses what makes developing for the BlackBerry platform a unique, rewarding and potentially profitable experience.

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Q: Why did you begin developing for the BlackBerry platform?

Boris: When we first began developing our Java® based apps for the BlackBerry smartphone in 2006, we noticed that the market for location-based services on the devices was practically non-existent. There were other mobile solutions on the market that had GPS capabilities but they required the use of an external Bluetooth GPS unit for location services, which was impractical and made things more complicated. The BlackBerry technology provided us an opportunity to create the apps we wanted and carve out a niche in the market place.

Since that time we have now developed approximately 100 applications and/or updates to our applications. We have built apps for other platforms, but at the moment, BlackBerry has proven to be more profitable and we have received strong support from the RIM developer team in South East Asian.

Q: How has developing for BlackBerry evolved?

Boris: Things have changed quite dramatically. Something that took us months now takes us days, particularly with our new BlackBerry 7 applications. Using the improved JavaScript® tools we've managed to minimize our development time and at the same time develop more heavily integrated apps. For example, the new BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) API's help us integrate an important social aspect to our apps.

Q: Describe your experience developing for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet?

Boris: For our BlackBerry PlayBook apps, the introduction of BlackBerry WebWorks™ has been very beneficial form a development perspective. The tools offer us HTML5 and CSS3 support and the BlackBerry WebWorks API's for GPS functionality are easy to find and use. This is ideal for web-mapping frameworks and has made it very simple for our team to create robust apps for the tablet.

Q: How do you monetize your apps?

Boris: Nearly all of our apps are paid apps. We find Blackberry users more willing to pay for our apps and from our experience, the payout is higher for the ones we have on several OS's. We have a long history developing for BlackBerry and one reason we've focused so heavily on the platform is that it has been very profitable for us to do so.


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