mblware Inc.

Quick Facts

  • Uses Java® for BlackBerry® smartphone development, Adobe® AIR® for the BlackBerry PlayBook™ tablet and BlackBerry® WebWorks™ and HTML5 for both
  • Enjoys using tools like the jQuery™ library and Ripple™ Emulator tools
  • Hypoxia app chosen as Regional Selection Winner in 2010 BlackBerry Super App Challenge
  • LensBoost app was demonstrated at the BlackBerry Dev Con Asia, Bangkok, 2012 for its BlackBerry® Messenger 6 (BBM™6) integration

BlackBerry Developer Success Story - mblware Inc.

Chad Tetreault and his partner T.J. Jones, owners of mblware Inc. (mblware) are driven by the simple desire to create unique mobile apps that will improve the overall experience for BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook tablet users. While TJ has formal schooling in computer programming, Chad has just started developing mobile smartphone and tablet applications. With the right tools, strong support, and some hard work, however, Chad is now developing successful BlackBerry PlayBook tablet applications.

Chad discussed the simplicity of development tools from Research In Motion® (RIM®), working with the RIM Developer Relation's team (RIM Developer Team), and distributing mblware's apps on BlackBerry World™ storefront.

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Q: How do RIM's development tools help someone new to developing pick it up quickly?

Chad: I have a very basic development background, but BlackBerry WebWorks and the additional tools offered were a great foot in the door. BlackBerry WebWorks seems very natural and I think JavaScript isn't a hard scripting language to pick up since it's been around for so long. There are tons of websites and resources devoted to JavaScript and HTML 5, which has also grown very quickly. I've learned quite a bit and made use of tools like the jQuery library and Ripple Emulator, which has been great.

In my view, regardless of your level of expertise, you can develop something good and you're not limited to one path or one development language. Between RIM's wide assortment of development tools, the local developer community and the forums available, I don't see why anybody would have a hard time.

Q: How has your relationship with the RIM Developer Team helped in your development?

Chad: It's hard to sum up into words how important it's been for us to develop relationships and meet so many people at RIM. We started getting more connected with the RIM developer team by socializing back and forth on Twitter®. This led to invitations to a number of BlackBerry Hackathon Events, which have been really beneficial because there are so many good minds there and you can simply pick their brains for any information you want. I don't know how we did it for a year and a half without that network.

In terms of my WebWorks experience, the community forums were also very valuable for that. Since WebWorks is relatively new, there are a lot of questions, so I've been making use of the community APIs and open source extensions that people have been releasing.

Q: How does distributing apps on BlackBerry World differ from other platforms?

Chad: We tried branching out to see how the market was and working with RIM is by far our number one choice. There are a couple big reasons: we tend to make more money on the RIM platform and the overall community tends to be a lot more involved. One thing I noticed with another market is that there are an overwhelming number of free applications and I think those users tend to expect everything to be free.

In my experience, more people are willing to pay for good applications and support developers working on either BlackBerry smartphones or the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. When you distribute your apps in some other markets, in my view, you feel like just another developer in a big pool, but working with BlackBerry World, you really sense that developers have a close relationship with RIM.

Q: Have you utilized BBM 6 in any apps?

Chad: We actually released an app for last year's BlackBerry Developer Challenge which is completely BBM 6. It's called ‘Inquery’ and it basically allows you to create polls and questionnaires on your phone and share them with people on BBM. I've also integrated BBM into BlackBerry WebWorks before, which I found really easy. At the San Francisco BlackBerry Hackathon event, I integrated BBM into our app LensBoost about halfway through the first day. After literally a few lines of code, the phone was able to handle everything else. I was impressed how smooth and easy working with BBM was.


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