Quick Facts

  • Developed an application for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet using Adobe® AIR® and Adobe Flash®
  • Leveraged BlackBerry DevCon and Mobile World Congress events to learn about new features and engage with other BlackBerry developers
  • More than 400,000 BlackBerry PlayBook downloads of Cooklet

BlackBerry Developer Success Story - Cooklet

When Grzegorz Trubilowicz converted his web-based cooking application, Cooklet, to the tablet market, he decided exclusively on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Beside the little effort it took to modify the Adobe AIR-based desktop app, it was the phenomenal support he received from the RIM development team when he attended such events as BlackBerry DevCon Europe, 2012 and Mobile World Congress, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain that helped persuade him. Trubilowicz also discovered a vibrant and growing BlackBerry developer community in Poland that he's been able to tap into for feedback and advice.

Trubilowicz, Founder and CEO of Cooklet, talked to us about the features he's taken advantage of on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, its recent OS upgrade, the time RIM has invested to help grow the Polish developer community and the benefits of attending BlackBerry sponsored and industry events.

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Q: What tools did you use to develop your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet app?

We had developed the web & desktop version of Cooklet in standard HTML and enriched it by using Adobe AIR and Flash technology. Because the BlackBerry Playbook supports these platforms extremely well, it was very simple to port the application and create a robust tablet version of it. It was definitely an efficient use of resources for my team since we did not have to develop the application from scratch. We were easily able to package everything into a bar file and after minor optimization we wrote the entire BlackBerry PlayBook tablet application in three weeks.

Q: What features have you leveraged since the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 upgrade?

The first really important element for us was the improvement in speed. The animation is now rendered and displayed much more quickly and from the users' perspective there's no lag when switching between screens.

The second key feature is Adobe AIR 3 and its front-facing camera support. With any cooking-related app, users are often reluctant to bring their tablet into the kitchen and use it actively while cooking but with the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 upgrade we've been able to integrate a new ‘touchless’ interface. It allows users to change the recipe instructions, by moving their hand left or right in front of the camera, without touching the screen. This is an excellent deployment for the application and it was made possible by the upgrade.

Q: How has RIM helped grow your app and the developer community in Poland?

We've had tremendous support from RIM here in Poland. My very first meeting with RIM convinced me to develop our application on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. On day one, RIM gave us a device to test the app and it went very well. With their help we were able to promote it and in no time it was receiving some very positive attention on BlackBerry forums.

We've also had speaking engagements with BlackBerry developer groups in Poland and, what's really important to mention is the BlackBerry Academic Program that has helped to give university students here an opportunity to become a part of the BlackBerry development system. The amount of time that RIM spends helping developers create apps is something that definitely stands out, especially when compared to our experience with other platforms. The Polish developer community is growing and there are a lot of smart RIM people who are helping to take good care of it.

Q: Why is it important for you to attend BlackBerry sponsored and industry events?

I always want to know what is going on and what exciting features and products are coming. Being at the forefront of the new technology and seeing the new devices is key. Conferences like BlackBerry DevCon Europe and the Mobile World Congress give me the chance to learn about new opportunities to push my application further, like the planned BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) SDK.

It's also extremely important to be able to gather feedback and advice from RIM staff and Alliance Partnership members who have invested their time in your success. The open nature of tools on the BlackBerry PlayBook platform, whether it's Adobe AIR or the BlackBerry Runtime for Android® apps, really seems to rub off on the entire BlackBerry development community. Everyone is very willing to share tips and tricks on what works and what doesn't, whether it's technical advice or any other pointers.


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